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Oxford Model Boat Club
Fiesta 'One Design Yacht'
This class was designed by club members led by David Swain as a less expensive &
easier to handle yacht than the one metre, all the yachts are to the same design & are
sailed to simplified rules, They are sailed monthly in an annual competition.
International One Meter
We sail this class of yacht once a month in an annual competition. These yachts are
raced all over the world and are of many varied designs. Each boat has to be measured to
ensure it complies with the class rules. The rules of sailing are the same as full size yachts.
Powered Craft
Hinksey 400

Designed in 2016 & built by club members; this is a 'one design' small fast electric race boat.
We have a monthly race series for it, plus informal race sessions. All just for FUN!